iEat Chu Kee Bing Sutt

Immerse yourself in nostalgia

Authentic childhood flavours

Step into Chu Kee, a restaurant with an unusual shop front and a huge dose of nostalgia. This cha chaan teng has a long history. They were first on Lee Tung Street in Wan Chai, but when that street fell victim to the wrecking ball, they set up shop here in Kwun Tong. Owners Mr & Mrs Lo share proudly: “We stand firm on quality and price, so we can create many classic dishes such as fried pork chop with instant noodles, toasts and beef sandwich”.

Our favourites

No nonsense in Chu Kee, here they take their food seriously. Locals keep coming back for the signature fried pork chop with instant noodles. The smooth textured scrambled egg is also a hit. They use Hubei quality eggs, quickly whisked without adding any seasoning.

Nice to know!

Chu Kee also is a live music performance venue, see the posters in the restaurant.

There’s no nonsense in Chu Kee – they take their food seriously
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