iSurprise Back Alley Art

Street art that breathes new life into old back alleys

The new names are inspired by 18 traditional manufacturing industries, such as Printing Lane and Circuit Lane

Back alley art

The best-kept secret of Kwun Tong are its back alleys. Hidden between the industrial buildings the narrow alleyways have always been popular among the city’s commuters and street vendors. Perhaps a bit grim and damp in the old days, but now clean colourful thanks to a community art project by Energizing Kowloon East Office. They commissioned students and artists to use the alleys as a big urban canvas for their street art.

No-name alleys

The Back Alley Project not only beautified the alleys, but also gave them new names. As a reminder of Kwun Tong’s industrial past, the names are inspired by traditional manufacturing. The Kwun Tong map now features Printing Lane, Circuit Lane and Plastic Lane, with matching graffiti of course!

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