iShop Kwai Yue Zai

Special symbolic snacks for Chinese Halloween

The place gets really busy during the Hungry Ghost Festival, when no less than 70 types of sweets in different shapes and flavours are on offer.


Kwai Yue Zai is not your ordinary candy shop: here, you find some unique sweets. The place gets jam-packed during the Hungry Ghost Festival (or Chinese Halloween) when no less than 70 types of candy are on offer. Try the feng shui tower cakes to fight off evil spirits or peach-shaped sweets for a long life.

Hungry ghosts, happy spirits

During the seventh month of the lunar calendar—usually August— restless ancestral spirits roam the earth. That's the time when people all over town burn paper and offer cakes, just to make sure the ghosts are having a good time.

Party time

The Chiu Chow community is the driving force behind the annual Hungry Ghost Festival celebrations in Kowloon City. What started as a small neighbourhood feast in the 1950s has evolved into a celebration with shows, dramas, special ceremonies, worshipping, the distribution of free rice to help people in need, and much more.

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