iEat Warung Jawi

Unpretentious local hangout, a favourite among local artists and creatives

Uniquely Kotagede

Warung Jawi is our favourite local hang-out. Tucked away in a quiet corner just minutes away from the busy market street. This warung is uniquely Kotagede, a cosy pendopo open space under a typical Joglo roof. More than just an eatery, Warung Jawi is a community meet-up place that hosts many cultural and political activities. One of the highlights of the year is the Pasar Keroncong event, a festival celebrating Indonesian music with Portuguese Fado influences.

Local speciality

This warung is famous for its brongkos (Rp. 15.000) is a savoury dish mixing marinated egg, tofu, beans, coconut milk and spices in the typical Javanese way: sweet and slightly overcooked. It also does a good rawon (Rp. 15.000) a rich traditional Indonesian beef black soup.

More than just an eatery Warung Jawi is a community meet-up place.

Eat like a local

The Javanese eat lesehan cross-legged seated on mats. Also good to practice the art of nongkrong, a quintessential Indonesian activity of sitting around and chatting the time away.

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