iSurprise Pendopo

Thriving heart of art and culture in Yogya

Community art

Here is the pulsating heart of Kotagede’s creative community. This joglo that dates back to the 17th century was transformed into a cultural art space in 1999 and is the best place to learn more about Javanese dance, music and performing arts. If you’re lucky you can attend a rehearsal of the dance community (Sunday 2pm-6pm) and gamelan + panembromo (vocal) community (Friday 8pm-10pm).

Locals come here to practice the traditional art of making batik.

Design your own!

In the left corner of the complex is the a little Batik workshop. Every Thursday and Sunday afternoon, locals come here - under the guidance of Pak Sumadi (yes, the silver smith who you just met) to practice the traditional art of making batik. Even better,you are most welcome to join! For Rp. 35.000 (locals) / Rp. 50.000 (foreigners), you can design your own scarf.

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