iDrink Omah Dhuwur

Old meets new at this revamped Kalang mansion with relaxed garden

Silver rivalry

Omah Dhuwur, means ‘tall house’ in Javanese and it is no coincidence that this is one of the biggest Kalang houses in town. This quiet location, just outside the royal culturalradius was where many Kalang merchants built their grand mansions. Omah Dhuwur is owned by HS Silver, one of the leading silver businesses in Kotagede, its big rival is Ansor's Silver, just across the river.

Hidden garden

The complex is an interesting mix of old and new. The exterior with its European features is largely original (dating back to 1900) the interior and open terrace got a facelift. The big draw is the spacious green backyard, with a joglo that dates all the way back to 1740.

Our favourite

Try the Java Punch, a traditional thirst cleanser made of turmeric, ginger, lemon juice and tamarind (Rp. 20.000). It comes with a great view and a cooling breeze!While the food is on the expensive side, you can’t go wrong with a snack liketempe goreng (Rp. 13.000), best served with rice and two types of home-made sambal.

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