iShop MH Blangkon

Popular local shop for traditional Javanese attire

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Lia is yet another successful business woman here in Kotagede. She runs a traditional garment store started by her father Mulyo Harsono and known locally as one of the best quality traditional garment stores in town. Lia’s store stocks traditional attire from head to toe, from shoes to blangkon (traditional headwear for men) and accessories to match.

Custom made traditional tailoring

In Java, everything you wear is more a reflection of values and philosophy, than a fashion statement. An outfit should reflect complete harmony. Traditional clothing comes in an endless variety of styles and patterns. For each occasions there is a differen attire: weddings ceremonies, graduation parties and graveyard visits.

It is the shape of the tie that gives away your cultural legacy.

Blangkon two ways

In Kotagede you can find both Yogyakarta and Solo style. The blangkon, the traditional Javanese male headdress, is a key piece, firmly tied around the head. It is the shape of the tie that gives away your cultural legacy. The Yogyakarta blangkon has a bulge shape in the back, while the Surakarta blangkon one is flat. One for keepers of secrets, one for undistracted thinking….

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