iEat Kipo Bu Djito

Local favourite sticky rice & coconut snack


You haven’t been to Kotagede when you haven’t tried ‘kipo’, a traditional oval shaped snack made from sticky rice flour, coconut and brown sugar. These sweet small bites make perfect snacks for the road, so make sure to grab a few packages to savour during your walk (Rp. 2.000 for a package containing five pieces of kipo).

Ibu Djito

Kipo can be widely found in town, but Ibu Djito’s simple kiosk is very popular with the locals for her special recipe. Typically savoured as a breakfast snack, her kipo usually sell out around 2pm. Your second chance to score kipo is on the local market (Pasar Gedhe) further on the way.

Ibu Djito’s kipo is so popular with the locals, she usually sells out by 2pm.

Iki opo?

According to local legend, one fine day king Senopati felt like snacking something different. Bored with the usual supply, he ordered one of his servants to serve him a snack that no one ever tried before. When the servant then presented him the wrapped package the king asked him in surprise: “Iki opo?” (“What’s this?” in local dialect). Ever since, the snack carries the name “kipo”.

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