iShop Jl Sumatra, Oleh Oleh

Shop as a local and bring some gifts back home

Local goodies

Jl. Sumatra is the place where locals come to buy their oleh-oleh – the compulsory gifts that travellers are expected to bring home returning from holidays. This shop has a particular good selection of peanuts, egg tarts and other snacks.

A typical shopping list would include:

  • Brem Bali - Locally brewed rice wine, slight sweet taste, 5% alcohol or ask the owner to see his special export selection. One bottle is IDR.35.000,-
  • Pie Susu - Milk tarts much like the infamous Macanese egg tarts but flatter. One pack IDR. 30.000,-
  • Kacang Rahyju - Bali’s best roasted peanuts. Local legend has it that these peanuts smoothen breastfeeding….One small red pack IDR.15.000,-
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