iSee Sai Baba Temple

A sense of peace and calm in the most important Sai Baba Temple in Gujarat

This SaiBaba Mandir is the most revered in the Gujarat. Commoners to politicians, all come here to seek blessings of the great Sai
— Rajubhai Dave, temple priest

Place of pilgrimage

Every year thousands of Baba devotees travel here from all over Gujarat on pilgrimage. They come to honour the great saint Sai who lived and worked here in the last century. It can get very busy here, but still a sense of calm prevails. The devotees sing hymns, pray and lay fresh flowers. Sai’s statue is always adorned with a sacred cloth, changed by his followers every day.

For the lovelorn and childless

This temple is a safe haven. People come here irrespective of their faith and religious backgrounds. “Those who seek love or want to have child come to this temple. Their wishes are always fulfilled after praying at this temple” says Rajubhai, the priest looking after the shrine.

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