iSurprise Mahurat Ni Pol

The first pol of Ahmedabad, an auspicious place.

Mahurat ni Pol was named such because it was the first pol of the city and marked the beginning of the city’s expansion
— Ashutosh Bhatt of Khadia Itihas Samiti

Muharat means: auspicious time. Close to Manek Chowk, it was the city’s first residential settlement. Founded in the 15th century, during the reign of Mehmud Begda, people here settled from Maharashtra region, the adjoining state of Gujarat. Even today people living here perform traditional maharashtrian rituals, festivals, clothes and food. Houses are traditional havelis with big courtyards, open spaces and narrow lanes.

Home of jeweller’s

The oldest settlement of the city has transformed into bullion hub of the city over the years. It houses at least 100 jewellery shops, run by seven to eight families.

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