iSee Hatkeshwar Temple

Hidden ancient Shiva temple with secret passageways

  • Opposite Jethabhai ni Pol, near Chamatkari Hanuman Temple, Khadia
  • Always Open

The Hatkeshwar Temple is central to the Nagars faith. Its devotees are blessed with many talents in performing arts
— Tigendra Bhatt, Temple priest

A Shiva Temple

At the end of Desai ni Pol is a small street temple. This Shiva-temple, shaded by champa trees envelops you in a sense of calm and serene aura. It may look small, but it is an important temple for the Nagar community and people come from far-off lands to spend time at its plinths.

Monkey gods and secret passages

It is the Solanki style of architecture that gives it away. This temple is really old, dating back to Maratha rule. But there’s more, an unusual and bright red idol of Lord Hanuman, and according to the temple priest: “Beneath the main sanctum-sanctorum are trapdoors with a secret passageway, leading straight to the havelis of the important patrons of the neighbourhood“

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