iSee Island Temple

Temple in the middle of the river

Temple on an island

A hundred years ago, the river Wang split the land into two and shaped it into an island of 200 metre long and 50 metre wide, There were floods every year and the sand filled the river into land. Luang Wanich Kamchorn, the ancestor of the local rich Burmese Sinanon Family then built a temple right here. A monk from Nakonsawan (central Thailand) passed by during his pilgrimage, and they donated this temple for his worship. This temple is a mixture of Burmese, Central Thai and Lanna architecture.

Buddha’s footprint

The Buddha’s foot print was imported from Mandalay. Later, the 3rd abbot built a wooden sermon hall in Central Thai Style.Now, it is old and cannot be used. Also, You can find some beautiful Lanna style Buddha images in the temple

Nice to know

The mural painting in the main building shows the fire that happened often in that period, and the pant of the river that is now gone. The ceiling of the sermon hall shows the names of donators.

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