iSurprise Baan Bariboon

Pastel coloured elegance brings back old grandeur

Pastel coloured past

The teak wooden floors of this elegant mansion are barefoot only. Baan Bariboon is one of the four western influenced properties in old Lampang gingerbread, fondly called ‘gingerbread houses by the locals. Built over a hundred years ago by Yai Boriboon - or Mount Yee – Lampang’s richest Burmese tycoon. When successful Phuket based entrepreneur Narong Pattamasevee returned to his Lampang roots a few years ago to work on the Lampang Art Centre (#9), he was determined to restore this dilapidated building to its former glory. It took months of negotiating with the Bariboon descendants: ‘The owner was glad that we wanted to keep the Bariboon building and family label instead of demolish or change them to something else’ says Narong’s wife Poonsri Pattamasevee. The Pattamasevee’s then embarked on a painstaking renovation trying to keep all original elements intact. Each broken framework was drafted and remade individually.

Education, art and culture

Injecting new life into the community is what the Niyom Pattamasaevi Foundation is all about. Restored to its former grandeur, Baan Bariboon will be used for cultural and educational events, exhibitions and performances.

Tycoon’s market

Burmese super merchant Yai Bariboon also owned the century old Boriboonprakarn Market.

Eye for detail

In the main hall is an original fire alarm bell; the only one left Lampang.

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