iSee Stasiun Kota

Once South East Asia largest railway station

The station may be 100 years old, even today thousands of commuters use it on a daily basis. Good design is timeless

Civil engineering wonder

When it was officially opened in 1926, this was South East Asia‘s largest railway station, an enormous infrastructural project. No less than 12 trains could arrive and depart at the same time. The station may be 100 years old, but even today it is still used by thousands of commuters on a daily basis. Good design is timeless.

Architectural masterpiece

Station Kota was also not only lauded for its clever engineering solutions but also for its practical design. It is recognised as one of the great works by F.J.L. Ghijsels, a Dutch architect who became known for his ability to blend modern western construction technology with traditional local design: the so-called Indische Bouwen.

Changing trains

This station was operated by the BEOS, the East Batavia Railway Company. It was one of the three railway operators, each of them using different type of tracks and different carriages…In early 1900, if you wanted to travel by train from Jakarta to Surabaya (a regular business trip in those days) it would require changing trains three times!

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