iSee Museum Wayang

Handcrafted puppets from all over the world

This little puppet museum is a true gem

Puppets of the world!

This little puppet museum is a true gem. No less than 4,000 pieces from all over the world, a precious collection of rare antique shadow puppets. We like the series of wayang dolls that starred in political parody plays, very popular in the colonial days and some even today.

Batavia’s grand church

Originally this was the site of Batavia’s grand New Reformed Church, destroyed in 1808 by a big earthquake. It was a grandiose building with eight lofty domes. Few people know that the reason for the grand design was that the organ shipped from Holland to celebrate the church 100 year’s anniverdary was too large, so the congregation built a new one to accommodate the giant organ.

Mur Jan Kung

Buried in the backyard is the famous founder of Batavia J.P. Coen. The actual whereabouts of his remains are uncertain - some say that parts of his body were buried in different places - but this is his official tomb. In the museum he lives on as the fictional character Mur Jan Kung. It means ‘tall and thin’, just like Coen.

Watch a wayang show

Every Sunday Wayang shows are free. A performance can last up to four hours but you can jon and leave at any time. Short shadow demos in English are also on offer in the Makutharama Puppet Studio just behind the Wayang Museum. Performed by the friendly Pak Aldy, who descends from a long generation of wayang puppet makers. Makutharama Puppet Studio. Jl. Kalibesar Timur No.3. Drop by between 10am and 3pm.

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