iSurprise Xinhua Hotel

Carrying the Scars of History Forward

Bank Remodeled Hotel

The Xinhua Hotel was built around 1920 as Jia Nan Tang, a sister building with the New Asia Hotel next door. The original Jia Nan Tang was a bank, but it was later transformed into Xinhua Hotel by more than 20 overseas Chinese. In the old days, only rich guests could afford to live in hotels. Most of the guests in Oi Kwan hotels were dignitaries, the guests of the New Asia Hotel were mainly literati.  Xinhua Hotel was dominated by businessmen, because the river-view Suite inside was very attractive.

Our hotel has unique river-view suites and is competitive until now.
— Liu Chunyan, Chairman of the Union of Xinhua Hotel

The destruction of war

After the outbreak of war, many northerners fled south, and suddenly many refugees and overseas Chinese poured into Guangzhou. The number of tourists surged all at once. However, when the Japanese army began to bomb, there were basically no guests visiting the hotel.It became a guest house for the Japanese army. When the Japanese withdrew, the Xinhua Hotel was seriously damaged except for the frame.

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