iSurprise Renmin Bridge

Sunset Over the Bridge

Renovated Bridge

In the past, all those Guangzhous’s river were connected to the sea, with countless ancient bridges. However, in the event of a change, the newly built bridge in Guangzhou has lost its local characteristics and become modern. The few remaining old bridges can better reflect the culture of Guangzhou after the renovation, just like the Renmin Bridge. A few years ago, Renmin Bridge was upgraded and replaced by a European-style fence. Four European-style bridgeheads were added, and even the lighting was upgraded with a new look.

Stand on Renmin Bridge, feel the gentle evening wind.

Sunset landscape

You can go along the banks of Yanjiang Road and Binjiang Road to see the Renmin Bridge, preferably on a sunny day when the sun goes down. The bridgehead would be illuminated golden, as if you had walked into London. Of course, you can also choose to take the water tea house at Tianzi Wharf, and remember to walk up to the highest floor to see the sunset when the cruise ship passes the Renmin Bridge.

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