iSurprise Oi Kwan Hotel

Once the Tallest Building in Guangzhou

Representative of the hospitality industry

Oi Kwan Hotel is the first established hotel in Guangzhou, which maintained the status of “Guangzhou’s tallest building” for 30 years from 1937 to 1967. At that time, Oi Kwan was a high-end hotel with “electric fans overhead and encaustic tiles on floor”Many magnates also stayed there. Today, Oi Kwan’s decoration still retains the feelings of the past century, such as old-fashioned telephones, stepped folders, kettles and stationery.

No matter how it is renovated, Oi Kwan still retains the style of the last century.

The Presence of Nostalgic Feelings

In the past, the Oi Kwan Hotel was a symbol of power and social status, and it was difficult for ordinary people to get involved. Passersby do not even dare to step into the promenade under the arcade. Today's Oi Kwan Hotel is no longer a high-rise building and luxurious hotels, but in the mind of Guangzhou people, it is a symbol of nostalgia. On weekends, many people come to take photos in front of the Oi Kwan Hotel.

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