iDrink Captain

Café by the river

Open-air café

Captain’s site is next to the Shamian Renmin Bridge in Liwan District, occupying an excellent scenery of favorable time and place. The whole café is like a European-style castle. Sitting below enjoying the breeze and watching the boats on the Pearl River is very comfortable. Coffee, drinks and cakes are served. There is also a new light food restaurant to be opened next door.

When you watch the scenery from the bridge, the sightseer watches you from the balcony.
— “Fragments” Bian Zhilin

We Recommend

Lychee tea white peach: Sweet and sour, it feels very refreshing in the summer. Lemon tea with matcha: Specially blended soft drink, produced very summer. Crispy Dream Tornado: Very delicate, not too sweet just fine.

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