iDrink t-Lounge

Hijacking the art of drinking Ceylon tea to a new level

Tea experience

For a country which exports some of the world’s best tea, it took a surprising amount of time for a tea lounge brand to emerge. Dilmah’s T lounge at Chatham Street opened in 2012 and was the first in a series that has hijacked the experience of tea drinking to a new level and quickly become a crowd favourite. Come here for special infused teas, tea-inspired cocktails or just a cup of tea.

By Dilmah

Dilmah is one of Sri Lanka’s oldest and most well-known tea companies, growing and retailing some of the finest Ceylon Tea available. Founded 150 years ago by Merrill J. Fernando it is now one of the world's most experienced tea makers. They pioneered the concept of Single Origin Tea in 1988 when the family company went against industry trends to declare its commitment to authenticity.

Our favourites

You’ll be spoilt for choice here. Regular black or green not your cuppa? Go for something out of the box (no pun) and try classic Sri Lankan kiri the (milk tea) or some light and bubbly Minty Oolong or some extra strong Prince of Kandy Lemonade Tea. If you’re feeling like dessert in a glass, the divine Cinnamon Ice Cream T-Shake is a must-try. They also have excellent snacks and cakes for nursing your palate between sips.

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