iSurprise Jummah Mosque

Historic mosque in the middle of Fort

Fort Jummah Mosque is busy on weekdays with many of the Fort office crowd coming here for their afternoon or evening prayers
— Ramla Wahab-Salman, Historian & Tour Guide

One Mosque and Lots of Jewellers

Right in the middle of Chatham Street is the Fort Jummah Mosque, more than a hundred years old and boasting a striking outer façade. The mosque was built in the 19th Century during the British Colonial period as an annex of the adjoining the reputed Jewellery store Noor Hameems. Later the mosque was expanded with its striking dark green minarets and dome.

Jewellery and Perfume

Near the mosque you can find plenty of jewellers, gold traders and retailers of choice varieties of attar, perfumes derived from natural sources like flowers, herbs, spices or bark. Walk into an old-school barber salon for a haircut or go into the next-door Pagoda Tea Rooms for a snack and a cup of nice milk tea.

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