iDrink Sofaer & Co

Intimate café in lovingly restored warehouse

Sofaer signature

The first thing you notice are the striking ceramic floor tiles, signature of the Sofaer building. When in 2016, a group of friends stumbled upon a forgotten storage unit in this epic building, they immediately saw the potential. Next thing they knew, they had embarked on a 6-month renovation project taking great care to preserve the original features of the building, the steel beams from Lancashire and wood panels from the era of the Burma Book Club. “We wanted the restaurant to feel like the building did in its heyday” says Ma Ingyin Zaw, one of the owners.

Our favourites

The menu features fusion dishes from across the region; but our favourites are the Burmese inspired Mandalay Tea Leaf Salad and Irrawaddy Chickpea Powder Prawn Tempura. We also love the handcrafted cocktails, have them with some delicious fried lotus chips.

We wanted the restaurant to feel like the building did in its heyday.
— Ma Ingyin Zaw

Gentleman in the Parlour

The mural of the lady with a painted parasol is by Hong Kong based artist, Siu Ding and based on the famous book by Somerset Maugham, ‘Gentlemen in the Parlour’ about his journey through Burma, Siam and Indochina.

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