iSee City Hall

Colonial architecture with Burmese design details

Hybrid architecture

City Hall is the home of the Yangon City Development Committee and one of the few colonial era buildings with traditional Myanmar architectural features. The original winner of a 1913 design competition was more classic architecture, but because of WWI, plans were put on hold and the British design was never built.

Classic revival

Burmese architect Sithu U Tin, well known for his hugely popular Burmese pavilion at the 1924 London Wembley exhibition was selected for the job. Well-known local architect U Sun Oo described his design with traditional roofs, ornamental motifs of peacocks, lotus flowers and serpents as: “classic revival, a new unique stylistic hybrid”.

Sithu U Tin ‘s design is Classic Revival, a new unique stylistic hybrid.
— U Sun Oo

Lilac colour

The distinct lilac colour is relatively recent, until 2011 the building was yellowish tangerine.

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