iSee Pak Tai Temple

Peaceful temple dedicated to power and prosperity

The temple was built by local residents in 1863 and devoted to a God that is worshipped by many in Hong Kong: the God of Power & Prosperity.

God of Power & Prosperity

Set under two giant Banyan trees, this temple provides a surprisingly peaceful retreat in the middle of Hong Kong’s busiest urban areas. The temple is the biggest on Hong Kong Island and was built by local residents in 1863, devoted to a God that is worshipped by many in Hong Kong: the God of Power & Prosperity (玄天上帝) or Pak Tai.

Who is Pak Tai?

Pak Tai was a Shang Dynasty prince some 3,000 years ago. He got famous when a demon king ravaged the world and he was chief commander of twelve heavenly legions to fight the evil king. He emerged the winner, conquering creatures like big tortoises and gigantic serpents on the way.

Evil will never win

The temple houses a three-meter tall copper image of Pak Tai that was cast in the Ming Dynasty (we’re talking 1600). He is portrayed in a triumphant posture with long hair, bare foot and clad in golden armor. The serpent and the tortoise trodden under his feet symbolize that evil will always be defeated. Accompanying Pak Tai on both sides are the images of Lung Mo (Dragon Mother) and the God of Wealth. The soldier statues of the Sei Dai Tin Wong (The Four Kings) are ready to fight for Pak Tai in battle.

Nice to know

Have a look at the exquisite Shek Wan pottery figures on the roof and porch. They depict typical scenes from Cantonese opera stories.

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