iShop Rattan Shop

Great shop for locally made goods at affordable prices

I lived here since I was three months old.
— Daw Kyin Au

Local rattan shopping

A fantastic shop run by the amiable Burmese-Chinese Daw Kyin Au. Previously she and her family used to sell noodles, but after her husband passed away Daw Kyin Au converted her business to a rattan shop. She has lived in this house since she was three months old.

Our favourites

Rattan hats are 500-1000 kyat, fans 800 kyat, flat basket (made in Tite Kyee, Mhawbi) 800 kyat, plastic baskets (made in Hlaing Tar Yar) 1500-5000 kyat, and brooms (made in Hlaw Karr) 1000 kyat.

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