iSurprise Old Teak House

Two-storey teak house with a long history

Colonial teak villa

Very few of these colonial buildings still remain, and this place is a unique treasure amidst modern apartment blocks. Built just after World War II it is now occupied by an elderly Burmese couple. We love the beautiful blue wrought-iron railings on the first-floor veranda. Scottish import and very popular among wealthy families in those days, these were made by Cowie Bros & Co and proudly carry the national emblems of Scotland, the unicorn mythical animal and the thistle plant.

Marston mats

The front fence of this house is made up of perforated steel panels, known as ‘Marston Mats’. These interlocking high strength, non-rusting panels were made in the millions by the US Army in World War II for laying down on a field for quick construction of an airstrip to land war planes. After the war the ‘mats’ were repurposed by locals for fencing. Also good for storage of empty bottles, and pot plants!

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