iSee Meilamu Pagoda

90 feet tall pagoda famous for its fortune tellers

90 feet pagoda

This pagoda was built by the same King who built the Shwedagon Pagoda. When it was built - just after Shwedagon - it was 70 feet high, later additional layers were added and now the pagoda is 90 feet high.

Fortune tellers

This pagoda is famous for its fortune tellers. People come here from all over Yangon to get their fortune told. It is recommended that for good karma you let free birds, crabs, and fish, though maybe, feeding the pigeons and sparrows might be enough.

Wood-carved elephants

Inside the pagoda compound, to the right after you enter, make sure you look for Yer Myint (and his brother) who is highly skilled at carving elephants in wood. It’s a family business and Yer Myint has been carving for as long as he can remember. The selling price for a standard elephant is 4,500 kyat and 1,000 kyat for a customised order. Yer Myint starts carving from a roughly cut wood block and is able to finish an intricately carved elephant (with tusks!) in one morning’s work.

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