iSee Koe Htat Gyi Pagoda

Neighbourhood pagoda with lots of personality

Built through family dedication

This 72-foot-tall Buddha image was the idea of two local residents U Kyin and his wife Daw Ngwe Zan. The couple started building in 1905, but they did not live to see their grand work accomplished. It was their son who opened the pagoda in 1915 and it’s been in the family since. Now in its third generation, U Hla Kyaw and his sisters are the temple guardians. They also built the impressive second-footprint shrine in white marble that contains their grandparent’s ashes. The dynamo and engine to supply the hundreds of electric lamps were imported all the way from England.

Frog versus snake

At the entrance of the hallway, there are statues of a frog and a snake. A local legend says that when the snake was trying to capture the frog, the frog stood up to him. They made peace, without fighting; a symbol that victory can be attained without violence.


The bright yellow chrysanthemum flowers that you see around the temple are delivered fresh every day of the year by a generous donor. It is believed to bring luck in their next life.

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