iPlay Chinlone Sports Club

The heart of the chinlone community in Yangon

Best players in town!

This is one of the oldest Chinlone sports club in Myanmar. You see people here of all ages, young athletic types and old men with gracious skill. Many national players are from this club. Some of the regulars were even part of the squad that won gold at the 27th South East Asia Games, hosted in Myanmar.

Myanmar’s sport of champions

Chinlone is Myanmar’s traditional sport. It is an absolute joy to watch and play (that is, if you can…) This is team play in its purest form. Chin Lone is a combination of dance and sport. It is unique because it is not about winning or losing, but on how skilfully and beautifully is played. There is no opposing team: players stand in a circle and the goal is to keep the ball aloft with as much grace and skill as possible. The small ball is made from rattan wicker and makes a distinctive clicking sound when kicked. This sound is an aesthetic and essential part of the game.

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