iEat All-day Mohinga

Much loved family business serving traditional breakfast

Secret family recipe

The Sa Gar Gyi family business gets its name from the special golden disks of fried bean that are broken up and served on top of the soup. When the current generation took over the family business, they decided to divide the restaurant not by space but by shifts. In the morning it is one sibling’s restaurant, in the afternoon another, and in the evening yet another one. The shifts maybe different, but the brothers and sisters all use the same famous family recipe.

Myanmar’s national dish

Mohinga is Myanmar’s national dish. The popular breakfast of choice, so popular it is often enjoyed outside of the typical breakfast hours! Customers like to come before 9am for breakfast and after 4pm for a snack.


Mohinga is a fish soup made with rice noodles. To form the rich and hardy broth, vendors sear the fish add the broth and then combine chickpea flour with a mixture of vegetables and seasoning, including onions, lemongrass, garlic, ginger and banana tree stem, and fish sauce.

How to eat?

When you order, the broth bubbles away then the friendly vendor will add the rice vermicelli and a variety of toppings, such as a hard-boiled egg, chopped up ‘ee kya quay’ (fried dough) or ‘beh cho’ (a type of fried bean) or ‘Sa Gar Gyi‘ (fried beans). Finish with a splash of lime juice, coriander or chilli!

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