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Curated secondhand shop on a mission

Dressing down

In Hong Kong alone we throw away over 404 tonnes of textiles every day, of which 50% are estimated to be clothing. 95% of the clothing that ends up in landfills could be re-used, repaired, or recycled. Redress offers an alternative: Resale of items, Reuse by 20+ charities, Up-cycling with local artists, and Down-cycling into isolation material.

Designer toolkits

Founded by Christina Dean in 2007, Redress started off as a designer competition to change the ways of fast fashion and raise awareness amongst designers about the potential of discarded fashion. The educational aspect is still a firm part of the NGO, they have toolkits readily available to learn about sustainable fashion design.

The Redress Closet

Since 2018 Redress collects garments in an organized way. People can hand in their pre-loved garments in boxes in shops around town, including at Zara, Bershka and Tommy Hilfiger. About 5-10% is fit for resale. In 2021 Redress opened the doors to their permanent shop: The Redress Closet. With the cute Closet and marketing on social media the NGO tries to break down the stigma on secondhand clothing.

Buy less, love longer

As options to recycle garment into garment at scale are currently limited, the best thing we as customers can do is to buy quality clothing that lasts long, repair or consider renting, cloth swapping or buying secondhand.

I hope people see the boxes as their last resort. If you have someone to gift your pre-loved garments- do so! When we can close the shop, we’ve solved the problem.
— Aurianne Ricquier, Circular Fashion Programme Director


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