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Circularity as a design principle

Come spring 2023 the Hong Kong Design Institute embraced circularity as a design principle, kicking it off with an inspirational lecture series and the Go Greenovate campaign. As part of ‘Go Greenovate’ sixty students from different design disciplines worked together for one month to transform the former canteen into a co-working space using only materials at hand. For many, it may have been their first encounter with circular design, but soon the topic will find its way into the curriculum of all design courses on offer. Whether a product can be repurposed at the end of its life will become an increasingly important element in good design practice.

Upcycling corner

In the sourcing of materials, recycling is promoted. The Institute has a steady supply of backstock clearances. A newly created upcycling corner – soon to be complemented with an online catalogue – makes it easy for students to find and order materials for their projects.

You have to know it, before you love it.
— Bill Silent Chan, project officer/ lecturer

Social and cultural sustainability

Circular design thinking may be in its infancy at the Institute, while social and cultural sustainability have been at the core of the educational program for a long time through projects of the DESIS Lab that promote healthy urban living- including mental health-, heritage revitalization, craftmanship and local entrepreneurship. A lovely example is the Hong Kong Maker Crossover (HKMiX), a woodcraft project that gives trees fell in typhoons a new life. Another example: artwork created from leftover jeans by the Centre of Innovative Material and Technology for the Hong Kong Denim Festival.

Photo credits: Hong Kong Design Institute

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