iSee University of Colombo

The city’s most prestigious educational institute

Unrivalled prestige

Consistently ranked among the top 10 universities in the South Asian region, it is particularly known for science, mathematics, politics and law and has produced some of the most illustrious personalities in Sri Lanka’s pre and post-Independence history. The campus boasts seven faculties and 43 academic departments in addition to eight other institutions located within its premises – all catering to some 11,000 students. A sprawling complex of classrooms, libraries, sports complexes and compounds, not a bad place to get lost for a few hours.

Synonymous with Colombo 07 and hands down the country’s most sought-after institute of higher education, the Colombo University has a prestige to it that is unmatched.

Colonial beginnings

The UoC, as it is generally referred to, was established in 1921 - then called University College, Colombo - and, at the time, was affiliated to the University of London. However, its true origins go as far back as 1870 when the Ceylon Medical School first opened its doors to students.

College House

Our favourite building is ‘College House’. It was 1920 when prominent businessman and generous philanthropist Arthur de Soysa’s sold his beautiful family house ‘Regina Walauwa’ to the government to start the very first medical lectures. It still is the university’s administrative building and is a stunning property with a dramatic black and white marble floor, decorated ceilings and a solid teak stairway with large ornately carved stands.

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