iSurprise JDA Perera Gallery

Four floors of world class local and foreign art

One of a kind

This campus gallery was named after JDA Perera, a famous intellectual who spearheaded academic study of the arts in Sri Lanka. His former students opened this 4-floor gallery - the first of its kind - in an old building on the university campus and named it after their patron. It may no longer be the fanciest gallery in town, but JDA gallery holds regular exhibitions by students, local and foreign artists. Check out the facebook page to see what’s on at the moment.

Great artist

JDA was not just an educator, he was foremost a passionate painter, a contemporary ofPicasso and an extraordinary artist:

The lustrous JDA whose women were exotic, oriental and beautiful were his subject matter and were brilliantly vibrant and the artistic language beyond comparison.
— Art critic Gwen Herat
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