iSee Colombo City Hall

Administrative heart of the city

Hot photo spot

The City Hall is a popular backdrop for wedding photos and pre-shoots. If you travel through the F.R. Senanayaka Mawatha in the early morning, big chance you run into some brides, grooms and their photo and film crews.

The main building stands out prominently and would command pleasing views from all angles.
— Jury Report Design Competition

Prominent Landmark

The gleaming neo-classical white dome wouldn’t be out of place on Capitol Hill. The idea for a new Town Hall came up in 1922, when the Brits started to move their offices out of Fort to Cinnamon Gardens. To find a suitable architect for such an important project, an international competition was held. Out of more than 20 entries from all over the world, a British/Malay firm was chosen for the new mayor’s residence and the city’s venue for grand balls and state functions. The British have long left, but the town hall is still used for that purpose.

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