iSee Bawa’s House

House of Sri Lanka’s most famous architect and father of tropical modernism

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This house is a true gem. It belongs to one Sri Lanka’s most famous architects who was among the first to blend outside and inside, tropical and modern, building and landscape. No. 11 was where Geoffrey Bawa’s spent the last ten years of his life.

Bawa created his home by joining 4 individual bungalows into an airy, light-filled introspective labyrinth of rooms and verandas, that creatively link the inside with the outside
— David Robson

Tropical modernism

The charismatic Bawa is regarded as the most important and influential Asian architects of the twentieth century. He defined a new style of architecture, creating modern, efficient and beautiful buildings suited to Sri Lanka’s tropical climate. All his designs, whether it was a factory, school, hotel or private mansion, were inspired by their surrounding landscape.

Join a tour!

Bawa’s house is still in its original state, complete with an amazing collection of vintage cars, art, sculptures, documents, drawings and other artefacts from the genius architects’ life. The property is managed by the by the Bawa Trust and the good news is they run regular tours. In true Bawa style you will be shown around by his former man servant and carer, a softly spoken young man who, together with 3 other staff who still live in the Bawa residence. Or even better, stay for the night. No, 11 is rented out to ‘enthusiasts of architecture and the art’. For US$200 you get to sleep where Bawa’s illustrious guests would have stayed. Email for bookings.

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