iSee Masjid Adbul Kadir

Historic mosque built by port workers of the past

The story of ‘small Sir’

The old Butterworth mosque is also known as Masjid Bagan Tuan Kecil. ‘Tuan Kecil’ in Malay means ‘small Sir’, the nickname for William John Butterworth, Governor of the Straits Settlements in the mid-1800s, who was not very tall. The old mosque is very old indeed, built by Indian Muslim port workers during the British colonial era. The exterior is austere, but the interior which was recently renovated has colourful carpets and elegant Middle Eastern wall mosaics.

The name Masjid Bagan Tuan Kecil means ‘mosque of the small Sir’, named after William John Butterworth who was not very tall.

A new Islamic landmark

To accommodate the growing Muslim population, another new mosque was built in 2012: Masjid Telaga Air, a major landmark and house of worship for the city.

Noor Mee Sotong

@ Restoran Noor Mohamed Noor Mohamed’s stall offers a variation on the popular dish Mee Goreng (fried noodles). At Noor’s the noodles are served with fried squid and topped with a special spice mixture. Find Noor at 78 Jl. Telega Air.

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