iEat Pasar Awam Sri Bandar

A wide range of local delicacies and fresh produce

Celebration of local food

The Pasar Awam Sri Bandar is a fairly new addition to Butterworth but already proven popular among the locals, particularly on weekend mornings for breakfast or teatime. “A good mix of halal and non-halal hawker food” , says Nicole who come here often to meet up with her friends.

Roti Canal

Roti canai is a Malaysian breakfast favourite. Though of Indian origin, it has evolved to be a Malaysian meal of flat bread, crispy on the outside and a soft, chewy on the inside. It is served with dhal or lentil curry (RM 1.10 for a plate), our favourite is Abu Bakar Roti Canai. Also try Sweet Paradise Dim Sum and the roasted duck rice at Restoran Weng Sang.

A good mix of halal and non-halal hawker food.
— Nicole

Nasi lemak

Kak Sadiah started selling nasi lemak more than 30 years ago and now her son Mohd Fais has taken over the business. Here you get a plate of fragrant coconut milk rice and choose from a selection of 15 toppings: prawn, cuttlefish, squid, chicken and a variety of spicy sambal-fried or curry dishes. (RM 1.00 for a plate).

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