iSurprise Meriam Timbul

Floating cannon shrine hidden in a beach shack

Floating cannon

Hidden in an abandoned beach shack is an old cannon. This is no ordinary cannon, as you can tell form the carefully draped cloth and burning incense. Legend has it that Chinese fisherman found it floating after a ship battle and ever since locals visit the shrine to pray for protection and a bountiful catch. It’s a tiny village, less than 20 families live here, but the shrine is popular as ever, especially around Mid-Autumn Festival when many Chinese flock here to pray.

How to get there?

From the station or pier exit Penang Sentral and head north to Jalan Pantai. Follow the road (you’ll see a row of shops selling pickles on the right) until a path leads left away from the main road. Take the path until you see the railway tracks. Cross the tracks and turn right. The shrine is located near some beach shacks, ask the fishermen to unlock the door and show you the cannon hidden inside.

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