iSee St. Mary’s Church

The city’s grand Catholic cathedral

Yangon’s main cathedral

The French Catholic Cathedral in Neo-Gothic style is the largest in the country. With its distinctive red brick, spires and bell tower a true landmark in Central Yangon.

The Cathedral at Rangoon, is a work of genius, with twin spires rising from its façade.
— Rev. Dr. Kelly, Archbishop of Sydney

Dutch architecture

This cathedral was the passion project of Dutch Reverend Father Janzen who trained under Dr Pierre Cuypers, architect of the world-famous Amsterdam Rijksmuseum. Cuyper's son, Joseph, a classmate of Franzen, came to Rangoon to help. It took them over 10 years to finish their masterpiece on the city’s swampy grounds. The cathedral was inaugurated 22 February 1911 Father Janzen died just a few months later. A plain inlaid marble slab indicates the spot "life's fitful fever, he sleeps well".

Have a look inside

The interior with its painted brick arcades is perhaps the best part. Have a look inside or join one of the two daily masses (English 6am and 5pm. Sunday Masses is at 6am (English), 8am (English) and 5pm (Myanmar). The church is also popular venue for concerts because of its superior acoustics.

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