iEat UNO Seafood Wharf Palace

Night-time dim sum for a dollar

Typical cuisine, extraordinary taste

UNO Wharf Seafood Place is a traditional Chinese restaurant along Escolta St. and locals claim it is one of the best in the Binondo area. The restaurant serves normal Chinese cuisine, but its speciality is their dim sum and scrumptious seafood dishes. Orders like the steamed suahe, hakaw, and many others are a bang for your buck! Dim sum is served piping hot on trollies being carted around the place where customers can pick from. It is the typical setup of a Chinese restaurant. Fish tanks displaying live seafood like eels and groupers are seen inside the restaurant. Two floors of dining space cater to families of all sizes.

Dim sum 50% off after 9pm!

UNO offers select dim sum choices at 50% starting at 9pm. Competition of dim sum places around the Escolta and Sta. Cruz area is quite heavy, which is why several of these restaurants cut off prices. Make sure to visit during these hours!

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