iShop Sun Teck Chocolate

Chocolate factory producing 100% cacao tablets

Manila made chocolate

Hot chocolate is a popular drink and champorado (chocolate porridge) is a staple of the Filipino breakfast table. La Resureccion & Sun Teck Chocolate Factory is the only chocolate factory in Metro Manila which has produced 100% cacao tablets since the 1930s. They have 2 choices of cacao tablets, sweetened and unsweetened. Sun Teck is popular among locals because of its one-of-a-kind chocolate flavour and pure cacao taste. The tablets are produced right here in the small Binondo workshop. You can buy them here or in Eng Bee Tin stores.

Pioneers of a classic Filipino dish

Ever heard of the chocolate porridge dish 'champorado'? Sun Teck was one of the first cacao brands that pioneered the popular comfort dish. In the old times, cacao tablets and hot boiling water were mixed with a molinillo, a traditional Mexican wood whisk, now, you simply have to mix the tablets with rice porridge and voila, you have tasty champorado!

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