iEat Quik Snack

Nostalgic comfort food in market alley

Nostalgic comfort food

Carvajal Street is a small alley jam-packed with fruit stalls selling fruits from all over Asia. Tucked away between the stalls is Quik-Snack. It is a restaurant that has served traditionally cooked Hokkien food since 1967. The history of Quik-Snack is printed across its walls - a restaurant inspired by the lovely Amah Pilar who started cooking recipes for her grandchild. Although some recipes have changed over the years, the taste of the food is still true to Amah’s roots. The nostalgic vibe and modern taste of the dishes attract foodies from all over the city.

Our favourites

Best sellers are the Fresh Lumpia (vegetables in a soft wrapper garnished with crush peanuts and a sweet sauce) for P85 and Amah’s Lomi (thick egg noodles in a creamy soup with vegetables, meat or seafood toppings) for P120. You can taste the original Empanada or the so-called Kuchay Ah for only P45. Ask the waitress for off-the-menu Sate Mi, it’s a must-order!

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