iSurprise Binondo Pumping Station

New life for Pasig River through urban art

Fusion of art and systems

Pasig River is the historical lifeblood of Metro Manila’s water and transportation system. To help regulate the flow and level of its waters, pumping station systems have been placed near the river. One such pumping station is located in Burke Street, it is the first out of nine pumping stations to be redesigned into aesthetic murals. The artist, Leeroy New, aimed to rehabilitate urban areas through art and design. His quirky designs add colour and imagination to the Manila streets.

United efforts come alive

The “Art for Urban Change” project, run by the MMDA and British Council, is an initiative to keep Escolta’s pumping station alive. They sponsored the paints and brushes to engage young souls with colourful drawings and graffiti on the walls.

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