iEat New Toho

Oldest restaurant in the Philippines still cooking

  • New Toho Food Centre, 422 Tomas Pinpin Street, Binondo
  • Mon-Sat 9am-9pm, Sun 9am-2.30pm

Restaurant of the golden days

In 1888, a historical and famous restaurant was born - Toho Antigua, as it was called originally, was a resto for the Spanish and the elite Filipinos. It was one of the very rare places that serve Spanish-Chinese dishes. It is said that Jose Rizal - the Philippine national hero - always dined here in the late 1800s. Nothing much changed here. The regular patrons of New Toho keep coming back for quality food in a unique ambience and atmosphere.

Our favourites

Some of its dishes are Lumpiang Shanghai (pork spring rolls with vegetables) at P150, Camaron Rebosado (sweet and sour fried battered shrimp) at P215, Yang Chow Fried Rice (Chinese-style fried rice) at P170, and Beef with Ampalaya (stir-fried beef with ampalaya) at P200. It was so famous, its original menu is exhibited in the Ayala Museum.

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