iEat New Po Heng Lumpia House

Must-go place for freshly rolled Hokkien-style lumpia

The holy grail of fresh lumpia

Hidden in the charming courtyard of an old Art Deco 1920s department store, is a small family-owned eatery. The owner serves its loyal crowd a variety of home-cooked dishes, but it’s the freshly rolled lumpia that has people coming back for more. At New Po Heng you get a tick roll of lettuce, cabbage, carrot, rice noodles, shrimp and ground pork, wrapped together like a spring roll. The secret is in the added Ho Ti topping of chopped peanuts, crispy vermicelli and seaweed, giving the lumpia its distinct slightly sweet taste. They sell more than 500 rolls a day, must be good!

Our favorites

The Lumpiang Sariwa (P75) is the reason why foodies keep on coming back to New Po Heng. Remember to add the special sweet sauce! Also worth trying is the Maki Mi (P65), a tasty thick fish ball noodle soup.

Tsinoy Snack

The lumpia is a typical Tsinoy snack brought to Binondo as far back as the 1500s by immigrants from the Chinese province of Fujian, its humble homey Hokkien-style cooking is still popular today.

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