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Since 1912, Eng Bee Tin has been serving their ever-famous Hopia and Tikoy. Being one of the oldest restaurants and celebrating its 105th year, they have mastered the art of producing world-class Oriental delicacies that fit the

Filipino palate

Eng Bee Tin actually serves 22 variants of hopia, but their best seller is the hopia ube. Their hopia ube reportedly sells 4,000 to 5,000 packs per day.
Recently, they’ve added another confectionary to their menu: lava pao, a siopao with salted egg custard filling. Eng Bee Tin’s desserts are incredibly popular throughout Manila and can only be bought at Eng Bee Tin, Mr Ube, and Cafe Mezzanine - all restaurants in Ongpin. It gets super busy during Chinese New Year and Mid Autumn Festivals.

Yeah, Eng Bee Tin has its own theme song! Once you step into the shop, you’ll hear the distinctive song being played. Dito sa Eng Bee Tin, di ka mabibitin… Here at Eng Bee Tin, you’ll always get your fill…

Chuan Kee Chinese fast food

Chuan Kee Chinese fast food next to the Eng Bee Tin store in Ongpin is one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in Binondo. It has a typical cafeteria-style setting, where you pick and order dishes from the counter. Go early to be sure of a seat there.

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