iEat Big Scoop Ice Cream

30 flavours of locally made ice cream

Chock full of creamy choices

Big Scoop Ice Cream, has over 30 flavours of ice cream and sherbet on offer. The brand started over 50 years ago simply by selling small batches made by a 2nd hand US Army surplus ice cream machine. Eventually, it boomed in popularity and by the year 2000, the Big Scoop line was established. Big Scoop’s ice cream is distinct from other brands because of its exceptionally creamy and rich texture. Over the years, they have improved the original ice cream recipe, and now offer a variety of flavours from the classic to the most unconventional or out-of-season fruit flavours, like avocado and langka. They also serve meals like hamburgers and pasta which of course comes with a free serving of ice cream.

Our favourites

Try the Cheesecake, Dark Chocolate, and Bubblegum Mallow ice cream, some of Big Scoop’s special and deluxe flavours. Feel more adventurous? Fruit flavours like avocado and langka are served all year round, even off-season.

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