iSurprise Premabhai Hall

Modern architectural jewel by Corbusier protege Balkrishna Doshi

The question was can we really build something new alongside these monuments, and if so, what should be the nature of our design ..?
— BV. Doshi, Pritzker Prize winning architect

For the public

The most prominent modern building in the old city is Premabhai Hall, a public theatre. In the words of the architect: “A good the extension of the most active and creative part of a city. It is a place where all artists meet and recreate a new image of life.” However, since 1997, the theatre closed down and the building has been inaccessible since then and waiting to be awoken from its deep slumber.

Brutalist architecture

Built by BV Doshi, India’s first Indian Pritzker Prize winning architect and Corbusier protege in 1972 as part of a larger urban renewal plan for the redevelopment of Bhadra Square. The massive concrete ‘brutalist’ Premabhai Hall stands tall and astute amongst a very strong context of monumental buildings around it.

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